How can couples counselling help you?

When you feel as if you are constantly going through difficult times and feeling lonely in your relationship, couple counselling offers a safe haven for you to explore and share your frustrations and fears, needs and longings in a way that is truly and deeply felt.  This draws your partner closer and so you are able to go right to the heart of issues.   Relationships thrive on both partners feeling emotionally safe and secure.

I work in a warm safe, supportive environment that makes it possible for you to:

  • Understand your own feelings and see what is actually going on;
  • Share more vulnerably and practice listening to your partner so that you can reach each other in a more sensitive, open hearted way and respond to each others needs instead of the constant arguments that drive you further apart;
  • Change negative patterns in your relationship so that you can both reach for and connect to each other more openly;
  • Personally grow in confidence so that you learn to trust and listen to your own feelings;
  • Accept and learn to comfortably express all parts of your own individual self;
  • Recover emotionally from losing or ending your relationship.

The emotionally focused therapy process takes time to explore and work on new ways of being together.  Gaining new insights, experiencing emotions more fully, practicing new behaviours is difficult work and requires you both to be willing and committed to change in yourselves and your relationship.

As an emotionally focused therapist specialising in couples counselling, I have the knowledge, skills and experience and am wholeheartedly committed to supporting you through this journey of discovering yourself, your partner and your relationship.  I am dedicated to supporting all partnerships irrespective of gender, race and orientation.  My goal is to heal and transform relationships by developing personal and emotional well-being as well as helping create emotional and physical closeness.

Our working relationship together is managed with warmth, respect and sensitivity and is strictly confidential.