Revitalising Relationships

When you are hurting and you feel as if you have lost connection with your partner, couples counselling can provide warm, respectful support for you both.

You might be struggling with:

  • constant arguing, blaming, walking on eggshells, withdrawing and distancing.
  • If you’re feeling criticised, resentful, hurt, guilty, undervalued or unappreciated, inadequate or disrespected;
  • or if you are trying to come to terms with a betrayal/affair, couples counselling can help you to talk, listen and respond sensitively to each other’s feelings and needs around raw areas and difficult emotions.

All relationships suffer difficult times at some time or other. When we feel lonely and cut off in our relationship the one thing we need most is to be able to turn to a trusted loving partner for comfort. That’s because it’s instinctively natural in human beings to seek closeness and sharing in good times and bad times.

My aim as a couples counsellor is to provide a strictly confidential safe space, to build a warm non judgemental collaborative working partnership where you can share heartfelt conversations that lead to transforming relationships.